About Us

The Grace Nolan Foundation is a non profit organisation and registered charity formed by Michael and June Nolan in November 1999, and was inspired by the short but ebullient life of their daughter Grace, who died, aged 9, from Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT).

This website was established by the Grace Nolan Foundation in November 2003. The site is a non-medical web publication, and it's main purpose is to seek support for the Foundation and it's ideals, and to highlight it's fundraising activities and products. These, in turn, assist the Foundation in achieving it's objectives.

This website also endeavours to create awareness of HHT,by providing an "online gateway" to medical information, news and events, while also inviting those with HHT and their families to get involved in supporting the Foundation and to help us make a difference in improving their lives and the lives of their children.

HHT can predominantly be treated and managed if diagnosed in time, and this website and the Foundation seeks to reassure those who feel they, or a loved one, may suffer from HHT. However, to combat HHT in it's many forms and guises, we need your help and support.

The Foundation has also funded and established a medical website, www.hht.ie. The primary purpose of this website is to facilitate access to the medical team at the National Centre, who specialise in the screening and treatment of the HHT condition. This "Centre of Excellence" is supported by Central Government Capital Grants, by donations from The Grace Nolan Foundation, and by the expertise and publications of HHT International Inc.